We go beyond opening doors, working with our clients to help navigate common market-entry challenges, solve problems and implement successful strategies to manage risks and create sound partnerships for sustained success. You ask for results. We deliver.


Unlocking Global Opportunities:

Phare Global Markets is a premier business, strategic advisory and commercial services firm offering trusted counsel to a very select group of clients. We provide advice and insight to international and national companies interested in accessing fast-developing markets in Latin America and more mature but fast-growing markets in the United States.


We understand the challenges and risks of operating in international markets. With insights and proven on-the-ground experience, we develop custom tailored market-entry strategies and provide strategic advisory to firms seeking to expand across borders.


We take a client-focused approach in which we learn our clients' business, identify their goals for new markets, and develop a specific market entry plan based on our deep knowledge of the Brazilian and Latin American markets. Through initial feasibility studies and business plan developments, combined with a strategic local representation in the new market and ongoing support for both our clients and their customers, we mitigate potential market entry risks, identify real opportunities and build real financial results and value from our engagement efforts.


We can help companies find the right strategies to raise awareness for their positions. From foreign policy challenges and risks to global market entry strategies, our team of experts with their unique, high-level network can help in finding solutions.

Our network overlaps sectoral lines and we can serve as a trusted advisor for all involved.

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Career Opportunities

We hire intelligent and driven individuals, with an emphasis on teamwork and trust. We enjoy working together. We are as energetic as we are pragmatic, down-to-earth, and fun.

At Phare Global, you will not only grow as an individual, but you also will build lasting relationships with your colleagues and clients.

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